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Manage Transactions

What are transactions

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Transactions are the activities of your account which includes expenses, incomes or transfers between 2 accounts.


Here're some examples of transactions:

  • You used your credit card to pay $20 for a nice meal.
  • You received a $200 pay check and put that into your savings account.
  • You transfered $100 from your savings account to your debt card.


How to add an expense

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To add an expense -


1. Go to Accounts module.

2. Select an account that you're paying for the expense.

3. Tap the "+" button at top right.

4. Input amount, date, categories, budget and other fields for this expense.

5. Save your expense.


How to add an income/transfer

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Income and transfer are similar to expense. They are all transaction types.


On add an expense, you can tap the blue "Expense" button to switch to "Income" or "Transfer" mode. Then you can add as income or transfer.